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10 January 2012

A lovely review of An Innocent Millionaire from the blog site called The Bowed Bookshelf



18 November 2011

El Mundo Report my speech in Madrid about intellectual rights


November, 12, 2011

Next week Stephen Vizinczey will be giving a talk at an interesting conference in Madrid about creativity and the intellectual property rights.

Conference Poster


Octorber 1, 2011
Quietly, from central Europe
Editorial by Luke Slattery


March 10, 2011
"Truth and Lies in Literature", expanded and revised edition now available on Kindle!

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Kindle Cover


December 07, 2010
Interview on "In Praise of Older Women" and "Truth and Lies in Literature"


November 17, 2010
Covers from Lebowski Publishers


October 15, 2010
Literary Review - Stephen Vizinczey on becoming a Classic author
In Praise of Older Books


August 4, 2010
Abstinence or Sex: Twilight vs. In Praise of Older Women
One Comment
Editorial by Lewis Manalo


14 August 2009
Penguin Reissues '60s Classic
The BookSeller


08 January 2010
Once more, with mixed (and prickly) feelings
Globe and Mail

Four decades after Stephen Vizinczey fled Budapest for Toronto, and drew lineups at Eaton's for his racy novel, In Praise of Older Women, he talks to Elizabeth Renzetti about seeing his book finally make it back into print.....

26th February 2010
Radio 4 today programme Interview
Hosted by Sarah Montague

In Praise of Older Women caused a sensation when it was first published in 1965. Stephen Vizinczey's novel was so racy that publishers refused to touch it and he had to publish it himself. It hit the bestseller lists within a year and has been in and out of them ever since. The author spoke to Sarah Montague about older women and whether they still appeal to the considerably older author.

27 Feb 2010
The Culture Show

Miranda Sawyer talks to Stephen Vizinczey about his novel, In Praise of Older Women

You can also view the clip within "You Tube" in order to comment on the clip.

3rd March 2010
A lover's guide to older women
The Independent
Article by John Walsh

4th March 2010
In Praise of Older Women
John Self's Shelves
By John Self

Here is further proof that the books which tend to delight me most are not new titles but reissued editions of lesser-spotted works. As with Emanuel Litvinoff’s Journey Through a Small Planet, here we have a skinny book with a funny name, a title I didn’t know by an author I’d never heard of, which turns out to be just wonderful....

13th March 2010
In Praise of Genius
Glasgow Herald
Article by Harry Reid

This month a new edition of Stephen Vizinczey's erotic novel, In Praise of Older Women, was published as a Penguin Modern Classic. This is good news - not only is one of the great works of the twentieth century available again in this country, but the spotlight will fall once more on the man I regard as the greatest living writer.....

03 March 2010
The Last Taboo: toy boys
The Daily Telegraph
Celia Walden

12 Mar 2010
Pat Kenny talks to Steven Vizinczey
RTE Radio

15 March 2010
The re-release of Stephen Vizinczey’s In Praise of Older Women
The Herald Scotland
Article by Harry Reid

This month a new edition of Stephen Vizinczey’s erotic novel In Praise Of Older Women was published as a Penguin Modern Classic.......

16 March 2010
Listen up, boys, the secret to great sex is dating an older woman
Irish Independent
Article by Celia Walden

Forty-five years on, the Hungarian-born Vizinczey, now 76, remains ardent on the subject. "To be a young man and have a grown woman as your lover is not ...

23 March 2010
AA Gill talks to Stephen Vizinczey
Daunt Bookshop at Fulham Road

The recorded version loads faster, but the video version is an immense 310 MB considering it used to be 3.1 Gb in size, so if you wish to view it, then it is best to right click on the "click to view video" button and save link as, in order to view the video. On a good connection, the video should take 6 mins to download.

23 March 2010
Reviews of In Praise in Older Women
SpineBreakers Website

20 June 2010

Stephen was rushed to hospital and for a couple of days suffering from Pneumonia, Stephen thought he might die and wondered if it would have been a great career move. But it all came to nothing. The Chelsea & Westminster is such a great hospital that they cured him in a week.

By Harry Reid
Scottish review of books
13 August 2010

In his first book, Stephen Vizinczey praised older women; everyone else praised the first book. Ahead of Vizinczey’s appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Scottish Review of Books looks at his life and work...